11 de dezembro de 2010

Amazon-a path to dream.

No one lives long in darkness,

or search the light,

or search it!

From frustration to the insistence


-Waking up girls! -Joan, entering in the room said and walking strides up to the window to open it. -See! -pulled the curtain, and the view you had was a metropolis; many buildings, people and cars. -We are in Manaus! And is a lovely day to know the city. Don't you think?

-Close this-mumbled Camila lying. -We arrived so late yesterday, can't we sleep a little longer?

Camila always out so loved to sleep, if she could, she'd sleep of 6:0 pm at 8:0.

-Of course not, girl! disagreed-Ana Carolina, rising-we don't sleep here until we came-and began to straighten the bed sheet.

-Ai! She is right – agreed Rafaela after lazing. -And your uncle Jô?

-Good morning, girls!-like guessing your thoughts, there he was with a breakfast tray on the hands, coming into the room without the slightest modesty.
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